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  • now-accepting-crypto

    Now accepting crypto currency

    I’ve had my eye on crypto currency for years now and with economies and fiat currencies falling all around us I thought it was time that T-shirts of Oz broke into the crypto space and…
  • toz-apparel-promotional-gear-business-clubs-sport-teams

    I’m back for 2019

    Happy new year everyone! I hope 2019 is off to a great start for you all. I’m back in the office as of today so please let me know if you are after any t-shirts…
  • dye-sublimated-mugs-from-concept-to-production

    Dye Sublimated Mugs from Concept to Production

    Are you looking for a promotional item that will get your logo in front of your customers all day long and not be stashed away in a drawer somewhere to never be seen again? Sublimated…
  • toz-apparel-promotional-gear-business-clubs-sport-teams

    Apparel and Promotional Gear for your Business, Club or Sport Team

    Chances are you came here looking for promotional apparel and items for your business, club or sport team and thought “WHAT THE?!”. Yes, you did come to the right place. T-shirts of Oz prints, presses…