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I’ve had my eye on crypto currency for years now and with economies and fiat currencies falling all around us I thought it was time that T-shirts of Oz broke into the crypto space and accepted cryptos.

People all around the world have embraced crypto currencies with many retailers now accepting cryptos via their online and physical stores. Check out the world map showing 15,106 venues around the world who accept payment with crypto currencies.


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So trying to be slightly ahead of the game in Australia and almost certainly little old Adelaide as of today when receiving an invoice from T-shirts of Oz you will have the added option to pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash or Ethereum. The online store if I ever have the time to get it up and running will also accept crypto currencies.


It will be interesting coming to the end of 2019 heading into 2020 seeing how much crypto adoption will actually take place. We are definitely experiencing some very interesting time now and ahead.

If you already use crypto currencies yourself for business or personal use I’d love to hear from you and discuss your experience.